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Portrait Art

"Over the years, portrait art has always interested me, and although I have never considered my self a mainstream portrait artist, human caricature is one of my fascinations and I try to capture the character of peoples' soul in my paintings."

I have done many portraits, both in oil and in acrylic and am currently building up a portfolio of portrait paintings depicting some of the local residents in Cornwall where I live.

Some portrait art is included in my murals and one of my favourite artistic pleasures is to be asked to paint a family portrait within the context of one of my murals.

I was recently commissioned by Cornwall Council, both as a mural artist and a Cornish portrait artist to include thirty life size portraits of Cornish celebrities within an eleven metre high mural painting for the town of St Austell in Cornwall.

In another mural for a large private house in Cornwall, I painted the two daughters of my client as two of the central characters in 'The Legend of Tristan and Iseult'. Her father was the jealous King Mark of Cornwall and my own son was cast as the handsome Tristan!

  • The Parallel Universe
  • Portrait of Doon
  • Kenny
  • Eleanor and Cara

For another customer in Dublin, I decorated the walls of his swimming pool with 'The Legend of Tir na Nog' and my daughter and her boyfriend appeared as the two lovers riding across the Irish sea on the magical white horse. The portrait of the horse was, in fact, based on one of my own horses at the time.

Perhaps my favourite example of the use of portraiture in a mural painting is in the one which I was asked by the Daily Mail Newspaper to paint for their Christmas edition in 2009. It is the painting I did for the Blisland Inn in Cornwall. The painting shows several portraits of local people, life size, in the guise of the main characters of 'The Nativity' - that is to say, Gary, the landlord of the pub, appears as Joseph, the barmaid, Becky as Mary and various other regulars at the pub as shepherds and kings. The baby Jesus was an recent offspring of one of the locals.

Other murals which include portraits can be seen in the gallery.

As a portrait artist based in Cornwall, I welcome commissions both in oil and acrylic and am also happy to take on pet portraits, which I usually do in oil or watercolour.