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Equestrian Art or Horse Art

"My art career started when I was a child. I was completely obsessed from very early childhood with horses, drawing horses, painting horses and being with horses.."

For a child who dreamt of little else, I was so lucky!

My grandmother bought my first pony for me when I was just eleven years old and all my time, outside school hours, was spent in an equestrian world of thrills and spills, mud and gruelling hard labour – for the love of them, of course!

I began to draw horses from life, gradually turning the horse drawings into equine paintings, and as I grew up, the excitement and appreciation of the artistic beauty and elegance of horses never left me. Being an equestrian artist has been a secondary career for many years!

  • Polo Match at Watergate Bay
  • Verdi Head
  • Grand National
  • stallion Rolling

Although I have been known for my trompe l'oeil and mural art, my equestrian paintings have remained a strong sideline throughout and I still keep three horses at my farm in Cornwall where I still draw and paint horses as often as I can. Horse art has never dwindled in it's importance for me!

I have been commissioned to paint countless horses and now offer a selection of my equine paintings for sale through this website. I also regularly exhibit my equestrian art and offer many horse giclee prints for sale as limited editions